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About us

GoodHealth online store - for those who value their health!

Our team
• We were one of the first in Ukraine to start working in the market of biologically active additives (BAA). At the moment, our company is already 18 years old, and since 2010 our online store has been operating.
• Our team employs practicing doctors who will provide you with qualified telephone advice and help you choose the right product. In addition, we collaborate with narrowly specialized doctors to study the need for dietary supplements that are not available on the Ukrainian market, but which their patients need. Subsequently, we form our choice of dietary supplements based on data on their effectiveness.

Product selection
• All products presented by us are exclusively original from official representatives of world famous brands. All biologically active additives (BAA) are made in the USA or in EU countries by well-known manufacturers with a good reputation and are trusted all over the world. We only recommend such products to you: NOW Foods, Solgar, American Health, Carlson Labs, ChildLife, Derma E, Natural Factors, NeoCell, Twinlab, Sigma-Tau, etc.
• Given that a huge amount of dietary supplements is currently being produced, it can be difficult to choose what you need. We see our task as the need to help you understand the market for these products.
• We do not offer you tens of thousands of products that are on the global market for dietary supplements and cosmetics. The funds that you see on the site are not chosen randomly. We have chosen for you the best recommended by specialists, taking into account the specifics of the incidence rate in Ukraine, maximum efficiency and confidence in the manufacturer.
• Choosing from a huge number of similar products, we offer only the most bioavailable and safe. For example, when choosing vitamin C, we offer either natural (from fruit) or in the form of ascorbate with bioflavonoids, which does not irritate the stomach and is absorbed as much as possible. When choosing calcium, we recommend citrate forms that do not threaten the formation of kidney stones and are the most bioavailable.
• We firmly believe that the key to beauty lies inside - in health, so most of the products we offer are biologically active additives (BAA), and a small part is cosmetics.

•    Note! We guarantee that our products have good expiration dates and stored in appropriate conditions. For this reason, you can refuse the goods ordered by you only at the time of its receipt (by courier or New Mail). We do not offer the opportunity to return the goods within 14 days, as we cannot guarantee the next customer that this product was stored in appropriate conditions for these 14 days. (For example, Omega - fats could be near heating appliances). After all, would you like to receive such a product?

The basic principles of our work

  • A great desire to help you in maintaining health.
  • We recommend you only what you would choose for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Weighted recommendations.
  • Respect for your health
  • The most convenient checkout and fast delivery.
  • We hope that our site will become a permanent and indispensable assistant in every family.